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Where And How Do You Dispose Of Your Computers, CDs, USB Drives, Etc.?

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

In the past few years I’ve performed over 100 information security and privacy program reviews for the vendors and business partners of my clients, and I have often found these contracted organizations have lax to non-existent to outragiously irresponsible computer and electronic storage device disposal practices. One of the “information security” policies for one of the vendors actually directed their personnel to try to sell their old computers and storage devices on e-Bay or other online sites in order to recoup some of the costs…this was in their “Information Disposal Security Policy”! It had absolutely no mention of removing the data before trying to sell the devices; the main intent was to recoup as much of the investment as possible.
With this in mind, here’s another section from the third article in my June issue of “IT Compliance in Realtime“…