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Improve Program Change Controls To Reduce Incidents

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Recently in my Norwich MSIA class we were discussing the importance of program change controls, and I wanted to continue the discussion here because as important as it is, it typically does not get the attention it deserves in most organizations.


Revisiting Online Medical Information Storage Houses Points To Consistent Need For *1* Federal Privacy Law

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Last fall I blogged about Microsoft’s HealthVault, “Why Would You Trust Microsoft To Store Your Sensitive Health Information?
It didn’t take long before Google got in on the game.
Today an interesting story ran in the New York Times, “Warning on Storage of Health Records” that also points out the concerns with having huge amounts of health information stored in some mega-multi-services-products types of monolith company. The issues are the same for any organization storing such information, though; but putting health information in the same corporate systems that contain the records of billions of people really open up quite a Pandora’s box of privacy breach possibilities.
Here are some excerpts from the news story that make some good points…