Here are a sample of my articles, which I hope you find helpful.  If you have any questions about them, please
feel free to contact me.  I will periodically add articles to this website.  So, please check back soon!
My Technology Privacy Articles
These articles are about how technology, such as cell phones,
email, and fax affect our privacy.  Papers about PETs (Privacy
Enhancing Technologies) are also included.

My General Privacy Articles
These articles are concerned with the remaining wide range of
privacy issues, including developing a privacy program, privacy
policies, and privacy's impact on business.
  Regulations and Laws                                 
These articles are about the challenges that face organizations from
privacy and security laws and regulations.  

My Legal and Regulatory Articles
 These papers are about the many facets of protecting
the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an
organization's information.

My Security Articles
These articles discuss ethical issues concerning security
and privacy.  In addition, I show how acting ethically is
good for business.

My Ethics Articles
Training and Awareness                          
These articles are concerned with security and privacy
training and awareness programs.

My Training and Awareness Articles
  News Articles Quoting Me or That I Wrote 

News Articles Quoting Me or That I Wrote
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