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Articles Regarding Technology Aspects of Privacy

Smart Grids Are the Future But What Does That Means for the Future of Privacy

I have led the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid privacy subgroup since June 2009 and co-authored the NIST report on smart grid privacy. In this article I describe some of the concerns related to the Smart Grid.

Cloudy Privacy Computing

Cloud computing is an attractive, low-cost means of collaboration. Have you considered the risk of placing documents with PII "in the cloud"?

Web 2.0 Privacy and Security Considerations

Web 2.0 has greatly enhanced the World Wide Web. Posting information on blogs and social sites is a normal part of many people's lives. Have you considered the privacy and security implications of Web 2.0?

The Eyes Have It

This article discusses the risks of cell phone cameras, contains advice on addressing such risks, and includes URLs of cell phone camera resources.

Email Privacy and Security

Your organization scans email for malicious software, but have you considered all important email privacy and security issues?

Quit Bugging Me

Web bugs can be much more invasive than cookies, yet they have not received as much press as I would have expected.

Don't Give Away Privacy!

Have you considered using a deguasser before disposing electronic media? This article contains a degaussing FAQ.