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Here are a sample of my podcasts and interviews, which I hope will help you protect your organization.

Shimmers and How Privacy Savvy Are You?

Listen to broadcast here

This is a recording of Rebecca visiting with Mari Frank on her online radio show, Privacy Piracy, on 88.9 FM and www.KUCI.org, April 10, 2017.
Rebecca discusses with Mari the growing occurrences of shimmers at ATM and card readers, and explains what they are. Mari and Rebecca then discuss the new, free SIMBUS Personal Privacy Risk Level Evaluation (https://simbus360.com/personal-risk-evaluation/), and they go over a few questions to give listeners an idea of the goal Rebecca had in creating the evaluation, and they also touch upon some related privacy and security issues. 29:15 minutes in length.

My Interview on PRIVACY PIRACY by HOST MARI FRANK - August 22, 2016

I discuss the hacking of the Democratic National Convention's email
Listen to the broadcast here

10 Risk-Reducing Actions for Mobile HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

Watch the webinar here

The adoption of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs are on the rise in the healthcare industry. These devices store large amounts of sensitive and confidential data creating a new security challenge for the IT manager.

Join Rebecca Herold, compliance and data security expert, to understand how the use of mobile devices impacts your security policies and your HIPAA and HITECH compliance responsibilities. She'll cover these key topics and more:

  • HIPAA and HITECH compliance regulations
  • Biggest information security and privacy risks related to using mobile devices
  • Effective ways to reduce the risks while meeting compliance requirements

Available until September 21, 2011, so be sure to watch it soon!

Podcasts from my Protecting Information Quarterly Journal

Technology Innovation Network Radio Show with host Anyck Turgeon

Discussed top five privacy and compliance updates, including the use of Social Security Numbers, healthcare information and privacy, the Trusted Identity Initiative, and more.

My KUCI/Privacy Piracy Interview on June 21, 2010

Privacy Piracy Host, Mari Frank, Interviews "The Privacy Professor" Privacy Expert, Rebecca Herold

Social Media Privacy Chat with Mari Frank and Rebecca Herold (approximately 10 minutes)


Rebecca Herold will discuss the following topics and more!

  1. Why are the numbers of privacy breaches seeming to increase instead of there being fewer of them?
  2. What industries need to improve in protecting personal information?
  3. Are non-regulated companies taking privacy risks seriously? It seems that many only think about privacy after pushback from users (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  4. What should organizations be doing to more effectively protect personal information?
  5. Should small organizations be held to the same privacy protection requirements as large organizations?
  6. How can organizations effectively manage all their privacy compliance requirements?

Don't miss this fascinating interview with Rebecca Herold