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6 Places Crooks Steal (Then Ransom) Your Data

Where there's an Internet connection, there's a datanapper. Here are six of their favorite hangouts.

Your Health Data: Available For the Taking

Is your health data really private? Examine these scenarios and decide for yourself.

Who Has Your Health Data?

When a cell divides, it makes a copy of its DNA. That copy must be verified perfect before the cell will split. Can we say the same about our health data, copied and shared millions of times by hundreds of medical devices, networks and systems?

How Many Times a Day Are You Handing Over Your Information?

From the moment we wake -- and turn on that WiFi-enabled "smart" coffeemaker -- to the time we make our final Facebook sign off for a long, restful sleep, we are leaving a digital trail. Most of us have no idea how the data about our daily habits, our purchases -- even our routes to work -- is being collected or how it's being shared.