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Lack of Basic Security Practices Results in $1.7 Million Sanction

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

July 4 Update to Original Post: See additional recent statements from the OCR and the Alaska DHSS about this case here.

Here is a significant sanction, just applied, that all organizations, of all sizes, need to take notice of. Even if you are not in the healthcare industry, this case points out the elements of an information security and privacy program, and the supporting safeguards, which will be used as a model of standard practices to by all types of regulatory oversight agencies. (more…)

Insider Threat Example: Former Cox Employee Sent To Jail (And More) For Hacking System

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

It is not only important, but absolutely necessary, to let personnel know what your information security and privacy policies are, along with your organization’s sanctions, and then consistently enforce your policies. If personnel know that policies are not enforced, and that there is no negative consequence for not properly safeguarding information and systems, it becomes easy for personnel to not follow policies when it is inconvenient or time-consuming to do so. It is also easier for personnel to do bad things as vendettas when they get upset.