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How to Avoid Common Privacy Notices Mistakes

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Most organizations have posted privacy notices on their websites. Great, right? Well consider that a 2012 study showed that the average reader would need 25 days simply to read the privacy policies for all websites accessed in a year. Website privacy notices are often very poorly written. And that’s not the only problem, as I’ve discovered over the past couple of decades reviewing privacy notices. In the past year in the privacy impact assessments (PIAs) I’ve done, I’ve found two consistent problems with them all. (more…)

Data Storage Must Be Secured to Protect Privacy

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Often times privacy breaches occur because the access controls are not configured appropriately for databases, or inadequate processes weren’t even established to protect data within the network perimeter. Too many organizations still focus almost all of their efforts on securing the typically highly fuzzy and porous perimeter to the exclusion of other highly vulnerable areas. Many incidents can be prevented by putting more attention and time to securing the data storage areas.