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Every Business Must Be Prepared for the Unimaginable

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Were you surprised to hear about the worker at the Chicago O’Hare airport last Friday? Certainly I was. Who would have ever thought someone working in the control center would light the hardware on fire, and then try to commit suicide? Unimaginable, right? However, what I was more surprised about was that there was no roll-over contingency operations center in place in the event something catastrophe took out the O’Hare operations center. After all, Chicago is in an area with a wide range of weather events, from blizzards and ice to severe storms and tornadoes, and everything in between. Not to mention that all airports are considered to be a target of a wide number of terrorist groups.

Just two days prior to the incident (more…)

Be Prepared…Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Current?

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I’ve been in Vermont this week at the Norwich University MSIA residency week.
It was storming and treacherous with tornadoes when I left my Iowa home on Sunday morning, and it took me two days to get to Vermont because of flight cancellations. Now I’m sitting at the Burlington, VT airport wondering if I will be able to make it home tonight, where Iowa is still experiencing horrific weather, and has sadly seen the tragedy of a tornado, last night, killing four and wounding close to fifty boy scouts at a wilderness camp there.