More Ideas For Data Privacy Day, Jan. 28!

I recently blogged about the upcoming international Data Privacy Day on January 28 here.
You and/or your organization can get involved in a number of ways, even at this relatively late date. Here are a few more ideas for you to consider…

  • Post a message to your organization’s intranet site on January 28 letting your personnel know it is Data Privacy Day.
  • Offer to give a short talk or presentation at your child’s school, your local ISACA, ISSA, Infragard, IAPP, or other professional organization, about privacy.
  • Route a good article about privacy to your personnel, to your friends and family, and/or to your membership organizations. There are many out there to choose from. Just a few of mine you may want to consider include:
  • – “Herding Grasshoppers: Regulatory Awareness Requirements” This article gives advice on keeping training and awareness programs current and effective, and not letting them “die on the vine” after the programs’ initial rollout. (
  • – “The Eyes Have It” This article discusses the risks of cell phone cameras, contains advice on addressing such risks, and includes URLs of cell phone camera resources. (
  • _ “Email Privacy and Security” Your organization scans email for malicious software, but have you considered all important email privacy and security issues? (
  • – “Quit Bugging Me” Web bugs can be much more invasive than cookies, yet they have not received as much press as I would have expected. (
  • – “Don’t Give Away Privacy!” Have you considered using a deguasser before disposing electronic media? This article contains a degaussing FAQ. (
  • – “Employee Online Privacy” What should you do if you find an unflattering photo of one of your employees on the Internet? Should you fire him or her? I discuss this issue and others regarding the use and trustworthiness of online information about organizations and their employees. (
  • – “What Is the Difference between Privacy and Security?” This article covers the relationship between privacy and security and the essential relationship of privacy and security programs. (
  • – “Is There Privacy Beyond Death?” Do you have the right to privacy after you die? Should your loved-ones have access to your personal information? (
  • Arrange a lunch-time event about privacy at your organization. Some of the things you could do include…
  • – Give a short presentation
  • – Show a film about privacy. There are many options to choose from! PBS has shown some great programs on privacy. Check your library, also. It would cost your organization nothing to check out a film for the day to show to your personnel.
  • – Hold a trivia game about privacy
  • – Arrange an exhibit and provide a table with various privacy tools, such as privacy screen filters, self-encrypting USB drives, etc. and answer questions people may have about them
  • – Infinitely more possibilities…

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