Another Example Of How Internet Information Impacts Employment Decisions

I’ve blogged several times about how employers are inreasingly using information found on the Internet to make hiring, and firing, decisions, such as here and here.
I’ve also written about it several times, such as here.
Here’s another example to add to your files for how information posted to social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, can impact your employment situation where a woman graduating with an education degree was denied teaching credentials, and this is not the first time a situation has occurred similar to this…

Teachers’ Virtual Lives Conflict With Classroom: Teacher in Training Says She Was Denied Credential for Online Photos

“Snyder, then 27, claimed in a federal lawsuit scheduled to go to trial Tuesday that Millersville University refused to give her a teaching credential after school administrators learned of a photo on her MySpace page labeled “drunken pirate.” She said school officials accused her of promoting underage drinking after seeing the photo, which showed Snyder wearing a pirate hat and drinking out of a yellow cup.”

It’s an increasingly tell-all, show-all type of society…people need to be aware of how their “fun” photos and videos, posted for all to see on the Internet, even if they THINK only their friends will be looking at them, can come back to haunt them and possibly derail their career plans.
What does your company do with regard to using information about your employees, students or job applicants that is found on the Internet?
There are many issues involved:
1) Privacy issues
2) Employment issues
3) Individual responsibility for not doing stupid things
4) Monitoring issues

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