Revisiting Two Viewpoints Of Outsourcing Vendor Security

While at CSI SX last week, we covered the need to ensure business partners, to whom we outsource information processing and handling, have good security and privacy programs in place within the class I provide with Chris Grillo, “Executive Summit: Security and Privacy Collaboration.”

Not only was this a much discussed topic in class, I also spoke with several folks throughout the conference who had concerns about outsourcing security. The concern is certainly justified considering the growing numbers of incidents that occur at the hands of outsourced vendors!
One of the folks I spoke with mentioned that he had really enjoyed a blog post I did a couple of years ago, back on October 11, 2006, “Point/Counterpoint: Outsourcing to India – Secure or Not Secure?”
This was basically a parody I did of the classic Saturday Night Live “Point/Counterpoint” parody with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin.
A parody of a parody…I wonder…is there is a word for that? A parody twice removed? A double derivative parody? 🙂
Since I’ve been overloaded with seriousness over the recent weeks, today I want to point you back to that post again in case you need a little chuckle…or not, depending upon your sense of humor, or your perception of my lack thereof! 🙂
Plus, perhaps it will help to see the many different viewpoints that typically exist when considering the wide range of information assurance issues.

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