2017 Events
Jan 5
Formal signing ceremony by Iowa Governor Branstad for the official Iowa Data Privacy Day
proclamation, Iowa Capitol, Des Moines.
April 4
Giving speech,  "Fraud 2017 - Protecting Your Business From Email Attacks," to attendees of the BBB
Fraud Program meeting in Omaha, NE.  
April 18
Giving speech, "Don't Let Third Parties Bring Down Your Business: Effective Vendor Management," to
attendees of
ISSA Minnesota Chapter Meeting, St. Paul.
May 23
Giving webinar, "Strategies for Effective 3rd Party Risk Management" sponsored by IT GRC Forum.
June 14
Giving webinar, "Building a Framework for Data Privacy and Protection in the Cloud," sponsored by
IANS Research
July 27
From 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EDT: Co-Chair of the The Internet of Medical Things: Balancing Benefits
with Risks, hosted by the BioPharmaceutical Research Council, Princeton, NJ.
August 15
Using the ISACA Privacy Principles to Perform a GDPR PIA, webinar hosted by ISACA.  More
details soon.
Sept 13
SecureWorld Expo keynote, Detroit, MI. More details soon.
Oct 11
Private Executive Briefing on healthcare security and privacy in the Internet of Medical Things in
northern Rhode Island.

2016 Events
Feb 15 & 16

Mar 16

April 30 - May 1

May 2

July 28

Oct 24 - 26

Nov 9 - 11
(Two Live Privacy & Security Workshops) Alaska Surveying & Mapping Conference,
Anchorage, Alaska

(Privacy Training)
The Conference that Counts, Albany, New York

(Live Presentation) 2-day workshop, "
Creating a Privacy Program using ISACA's Privacy Principles,"
ISACA, New Orleans

(Live Presentation) PIA:
Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven?

(Live Presentation) Internet of Medical Things conference, Princeton, New Jersey

(Live Presentation) "
Vendor Management," Privacy + Security Forum, Washington, D.C.  

(Live Workshop)
"Going Digital? Think Privacy Impact and Security Design," Data
Privacy Asia Conference, Singapore
2015 Events
Nov 3

Nov 3
Session at the ISACA EuroCACS Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark:
6 Ways PIAs Can Improve Privacy Programs

Session at the ISACA EuroCACS Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark:
Women in IT, Information Security & Privacy
2014 Events
Nov 26

Nov 20

Nov 11 &12

Nov 5

Oct 16 & 17

Sept 16

August 19

June 16

May 19

May 12

May 1

April 30

April 9 & 10
Security Culture Hangout!

ISACA Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM) Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Giving IAPP Foundations and CIPT training in Phoenix.

Giving IAPP CIPM training in Chicago.

Providing a keynote at the
Australian Information Security Association's National Conference in
Melbourne, Australia.

Leading the SGCC Privacy Subgroup Workshop at the
SGIP 2014 Conference in Nashville, TN

Providing a session called "Cybersecurity & Business Data Privacy" at the IT Service Management
Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, AZ

Providing the keynote about how to engineer privacy controls into the Internet of Things at the
International Information and Computer Security Conference in Bogotá, Colombia

Presenting a HIPAA session at the
Long Term Care Solutions Summit
in Kansas City

Conducting a workshop for Medical Device Security and Privacy at the
10X Medical Device Conference
in Minneapolis

Presenting a session about privacy auditing and metrics at the I
SACA North America CACS
conference in Las Vegas

Conducting a workshop for the
ISACA North America CACS conference in Las Vegas

Attending the
NIST Privacy Engineering Workshop in Gaithersburg, VA, and will be on the
practitioner's panel
2013 Events
January 30

January 31

March 5

March 6

May 13

Sept. 12 & 13

Sept. 20

Oct. 2

Oct. 8

Oct. 16

Oct. 30

Dec. 5
IAPP CIPP Foundation course at the Microsoft Bellevue, WA, campus (open to public registration)

IAPP CIPP/IT course at the Microsoft Bellevue, WA, campus (open to public registration)

IAPP CIPP Foundation course (just before the Global Privacy Summit) in Washington, DC

IAPP CIPP/US course (just before the Global Privacy Summit) in Washington, DC

Secure 360 Pre-Conference class,
"Vendor Information Security and Privacy Management" in
St. Paul, MN

Des Moines, IA: Teaching IAPP CIPP Foundations & CIPP/US classes

Santa Clara, CA: Teaching a IAPP CIPM class

IAPP Privacy Academy roundtable with friends Jules Polonetsky and Megan Hertzler, "Too Smart
for Our Own Good? Privacy in the Information Age"

10th Annual Iowa Homeland Security Conference; "Five Most Common Overlapping Privacy and
Information Security Areas"

Indianapolis, IN: Teaching

Warwick, RI: Security Awareness Day at Community College of Rhode Island; "Where Do You
Draw the Creepy Line? Privacy, Big Data Analytics, and the Internet of Things"

Phoenix, AZ: Teaching
2012 Events
March 6

April 2 & 3

May 8

July 18

July 19

Sept 11

Sept  19

Oct 9

Oct 10
The IAPP Privacy Foundations CIPP Training in D.C

The Seattle
ISACA-Puget Sound Chapter Spring Seminar Information Security and Privacy
Collaboration 2-day Training Class

The St. Paul, MN,
Secure360 Conference

IAPP CIPP Foundations Class

Seattle:  IAPP CIPP/IT Class

St. Louis: Secure World Expo Keynote, "Meeting Privacy Challenges at the Speed of
Technology and Business"

San Francisco:
Secure World Expo Keynote, "Meeting Privacy Challenges at the Speed of
Technology and Business"

IAPP Privacy Academy 2012 CIPP Certification Foundation Training, San Jose

IAPP Privacy Academy 2012 CIPP/US Certification Training, San Jose, CA
2011 Events
June 22

July 13

Oct 5 - 6
Free online webinar: 10 Risk-Reducing Actions for Mobile HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

The Global Fax Summit, “Demystifying Compliance, Tucson, AZ.

SecureWorld, Detroit, MI
2010 Events
Aug 31

Sept 29

Oct 27

Oct 29

Nov 9

Dec 1

Dec 8
HIPAA’s New Proposed Rule: Prepare for Changes to Privacy, Security and Enforcement
Audio Conference:10-11:30am Pacific / 1-2:30pm Eastern or On-Demand
For more information, including tuition and a sample audio clip:

Public briefing of the NIST Smart Grid privacy group activities
California Public Utilities Commission Office 10:00am – 4:00pm

Information Security and Privacy: Where are We Going and How Can We Measure Success?
Top 20 Trends Where Information Security, Privacy and Compliance Must Collaborate
1-Day Pre-Conference Class; CSI Annual Conference
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
National Harbor, MD 20745

Monitoring What You Do at Home: Privacy and Security Challenges of the Smart Power Grid
CSI Annual Conference (4:00pm session)
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
National Harbor, MD 20745

Information Security Incident: Privacy Breach or Not A Privacy Breach?
Central Iowa Joint ISACA/IIA Meeting
Des Moines, Iowa

Social Media Marketing: Avoiding Privacy Pitfalls
Des Moines American Marketing Association
Des Moines, Iowa

Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment
1-day class sponsored by the Kalamazoo Michigan Infragard chapter
Kalamazoo, Michigan
2009 Events
January 14

February 23

March 17

April 13 - 15

May 7 and 8

May 12 - 13

Aug 12 - 13

Sept 16

Sept 18

Oct. 24 - 30

Nov 23
Minneapolis ISACA, "Audit's Role in Privacy Breach Response"

Pittsburgh, PA, Carnegie Mellon University Cylab
“The Convergence of Information Security, Privacy and Compliance”

Iowa ISACA, “The Convergence of Information Security, Privacy and Compliance”

Omaha, NE, 2009 Infotec Conference

Columbus, OH, 2009 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit
“The Convergence of Information Security, Privacy and Compliance”

St. Paul, MN; Secure360; “The Convergence of Information Security, Privacy and Compliance”

Houston, TX, ISSA sponsored 2-day class, "Security and Privacy: Tools, Trends and Techniques"

Boston, MA, IAPP Privacy Academy 2009, "The Road Less Unraveled: Integrated Privacy, Security
and Response Planning to the Data Breach"

Boston, MA, IAPP Privacy Academy 2009, "Internal Audit's Role in Responding to Privacy Breaches"

National Harbor, MD, CSI 2009, "Unified Information Security and Privacy Management"

Des Moines, IA; ISSA, “The Convergence of Information Security, Privacy and Compliance"
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