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Peerlyst ranked me as 5th in their list of top 25 female Infosec
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I've issued a new infographic to help people understand some
of the many ways in which their personal information and data
is collected each day. See my press release about the
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How many times a day are you handing over your
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I was recently named a Privacy by Design Ambassador! You
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Computerworld honored me as one of the top privacy advisers
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Read my new article about employing effective metrics to
comply with health care regulations.
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Click here to find out more about my new information security and privacy program management services

Information is a critical business asset, and businesses must ensure that the information
is accurate, appropriately safeguarded, available only to those authorized to use it.  
In addition to these important tasks, businesses must also address privacy and compliance
with growing numbers of worldwide laws, regulations, industry standards and contractual
I can help you accomplish these goals more easily and effectively.  I invite you to visit the
following for more information:
Please see my HIPAA compliance tools at  HIPAA Compliance.
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Due to reported
IFRAME-injection attacks on
sites through out the Internet,
I have removed the link from
my Fun Stuff page to, one of the
affected sites.
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I am proud to announce that Oxford University Press published my paper on the
requirement for security and privacy programs to collaborate.  Click
here to download the paper.

I moved my blog to  Please update your bookmark.      

Disaster Resource GUIDE published my article on converging information security
and privacy during business continuity.  Click
here for a copy of the article.

Listen To "Privacy and Security Concerns For Social Media"
I have published the 3rd quarter edition of Protecting Information Journal and the
accompanying Awareness Advisor!  The topic this quarter was "Privacy and Security Concerns
For Social Media."  You can hear the podcast (8:42min) of the feature article by clicking
Please forward the link to others to help them be more aware of how to protect their information
and privacy when using social media sites. I welcome your feedback! Find out how to subscribe
to the full set of subscription files and documents by clicking

Interview with Mari Frank on Privacy Piracy
I spoke with Mari Frank on the popular Privacy Piracy radio show on June 21st, 2010.  For an
hour we discussed why privacy breaches continue to happen and what organizations of all
sizes should do to better protect personal information and prevent breaches from happening.
You can listen to it by clicking
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