Random thoughts: Network or security changes on inauguration day (1/20)?

I was at an ISACA meeting earlier this week, and over lunch I got into an interesting conversation with a group there about whether or not streaming video feeds were going to be allowed or blocked at the firewall during the inauguration of Barack Obama as U.S. president this coming Tuesday. Some views were that it was an historic event, that most people would not be working any way, and that to maintain goodwill with personnel the streaming videos would be allowed. Others said they would block the streaming video to maintain workable bandwidth, but they were setting up TV monitors throughout the facilities to allow personnel to view if they so chose to; allowing no network impact to others in the company who continued to work.

I’m just curious, have any of you planned to do anything differently on Tuesday (1/20)? What are the information security and privacy issues you see involved at your organization around this? Anything beyond accessibility impact due to, perhaps, denial of service for flooded bandwidth? Perhaps this will be an opportunity for clever hackers to launch attacks knowing people may not be watching network traffic as closely?

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