Low-Tech Humor That Is SO True!

I got a kick out of the MSNBC article, “Eight bad tech habits to quit in the new year: These tired and tacky technology-based behaviors have got to go
While described with humor, most hit to the heart of truth. Here is a list of the eight bad habits; you can see the full descriptions in the article…

1. iContact in place of eye contact. I agree! I like to look folks in the eyes when I am talking with them, not see the top of their heads…
2. Facebook indiscretion. Oh, yes! I think things will continue to get a lot worse, though, with this bad habit.
3. Texting and driving. Some states and local governments are putting laws into place to outlaw this.
4. Posting pointless online comments. Annoying, yes. But will it continue? Of course!
5. Forwarding scary warnings without doing your research. So true! Too many people are continuing to forward bogus warnings and urban legends.
6. Can you research that for me? YES!!! I get so many strangers sending me questions that either they could have easily found themselves, or that would require hours of research, that I’ve lost track. Well over 1,000.
7. Loud talking on cell phones. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Especially in airports, grocery stores and school functions.
8. The Rickroll has got to go. I’ve not experienced this one…lucky me! 🙂

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