Business Info Fact Of The Day: Smart Business Leaders Encrypt PII

If you are a business leader you must know and understand that encrypting personally identifiable information (PII) protects that PII from being used for identity theft and other crimes should it fall into the hands of a crook. Business leaders need to know this, but unfortunately too many do not really know what encryption is, let alone how it can be used to protect PII, along with the business.

There was a fairly decent article published, “United States: The Move Toward Mandatory Encryption of Sensitive Personal Information” that provides some compelling reasons to encrypt PII. Consider forwarding the link to your business leaders.
Or, at the very least, the following short excerpt:

“The fact that over half of all security breaches involve mobile devices provides further incentive for businesses to employ encryption technologies for these devices. New laws in Massachusetts and Nevada–and no doubt more to follow–make encryption not only a means to avoid security breach notification requirements, but an express requirement of operating a national business.”

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