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I am an information security, privacy and compliance consultant, and owner and principal of
Rebecca Herold & Associates, LLC.  Information is a critical business asset, and businesses must ensure
that it is accurate, appropriately safeguarded, and available only to those authorized to use it.

Information assurance and compliance programs must be built and implemented using a business-oriented
approach to be most successful and effective.  I help a wide range of organizations throughout the world,
and of every size, to implement and sustain their information security, privacy and compliance programs in
a way that supports their business.  These programs help organizations comply with an ever-increasing
number of national and international laws and regulations, encourage IT departments to communicate
and work harmoniously with other business units, minimize risks to sensitive company and personal
information, and make personnel aware of how to work more effectively while safeguarding information.

In addition to consulting and being an MSIA (Master of Science Information Assurance) professor, I am also
a writer.  I am currently working on my 12th published book, and I've written dozens of book chapters and almost
200 published articles.   IT Security
ranked me as one of the top 59 influencers for 2007.   Computerworld put
me on their list of the
25 top privacy experts and on their list of the 9 best privacy consulting firms and on their
list of top privacy advisers of 2008.

You can see many of my articles on the Articles page of this site.  I am also proud to now make available my quarterly
subscription multi-media awareness product, "Protecting Information"!  Please see my
Products Page for more information

I speak frequently at symposiums, professional organization meetings, conferences. I am also an adjunct
professor for the
Master of Science Information Assurance Program at Norwich University.
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