Twelve Messaging Risks to Address Now

The first article within the March issue of my new e-journal, “IT Compliance in Realtime” is “Twelve Messaging Risks to Address Now.”
Here are a few excerpts…

“Most Personnel Really Don’t Understand Security
Numerous studies and surveys report that most organizations do not provide enough information security and privacy training and awareness communications to their personnel. However, it is important to point out that one of the results of inadequate training and awareness is that your personnel will be self-educated. This leads to your personnel believing they know all there is to know about security, when in fact they may know just enough to make them dangerous. The higher up in the organizational chart your personnel sit, the more dangerous this bit of knowledge can be.”
“Messaging is a particularly vulnerable area where the risks are exacerbated by personnel with a little bit of security knowledge boldly engaging in sensitive information exchanges. Consider the increasing use of sending clear-text sensitive information within IMs, emails, and even cell phone text messages. Have you taken time to point out to your personnel the many risks involved with doing so? Here are a dozen risks you should discuss with them and use to raise their awareness.”
I then provide detail and examples for the following twelve risks.
1. Messages in Storage Are Vulnerable
2. Messaging in Public Is Risky
3. Messaging Brings Personal Risk
4. Messages Are Monitored
5. Humans Err
6. Messages Are Used as Evidence
7. Messages Contain Social Engineering Attempts
8. Messages Can Be Spoofed
9. IMs Contain Malicious Code
10. PII Is Inappropriately Forwarded
11. Messages Can Be Intercepted
12. Wireless Messages Can Be Snagged
Download the full article, along with the rest of the journal, here.
Send an excerpt of this article, or the full article, or the full e-journal issue, to your business leaders to help them better understand messaging risks and the need to address them.
Consider posting on your intranet site and giving all personnel access to help ensure everyone who uses messaging within your organization better understands the risks involved in messaging, and as a result, better protects your business.
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