Tomorrow is “Secure Your ID” Day

This morning I was listening to my usual favorite radio station and was somewhat surprised to hear a guest talk about how he was going to be at a local grocery store parking lot tomorrow to offer free shredding services to help raise awareness of identity theft and in observation of “Secure Your ID” Day…

Another day dedicated to information security and privacy to add to my list!
Tomorrow is indeed “Secure Your ID” Day in the U.S. and Canada, sponsored by the Better Business Bureau.
Events are planned tomorrow in 35 states and in 3 Canadian locations.
There is one event here in the greater Des Moines area to not only shred the documents and electronic storage media, but on the radio they said they were also giving each person a free car wash.
In several of the other states it looks like the local schools and other non-profits will also be on hand to take donations while the various shredding companies shred people’s documents.
That was smart to get onto the radio to talk about this type of event!
It will be interesting to see what kind of turnout they have for the event.

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