Privacy Poll Closing *SUNDAY*…Please Click a Button!

Thanks to those of you who have taken the privacy poll on the right-hand side of this page! If you haven’t yet…please, pretty please, do! I had planned for this to close on Friday, but now it will close on Sunday. I’ll post a new poll weekly to run from Monday through Sunday, and each week afterwards.

I wish the poll map included all countries; I know that some of you who have taken the poll are outside the U.S. It frustrates me that it doesn’t, and I have asked my site support team how we can see a map of the world instead. I hope there is a way.
After this poll I will be doing a new poll every week. I have mentioned in past posts how interesting I find such surveys, and it is very intriguing to me to see not only the distribution of the results, but also to see where the responses are coming from geographically.

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