P2P Security Study Released

The results of an interesting study, “The Ignored Crisis in Data Security: P2P File Sharing,” performed by the Ponoman Institute and sponsored by Tiversa, were recently released on April 21.
Here are a few interesting tidbits from the report…

  • Around 31% of the practitioners are users of P2P networks, and around 80% said they understood how the networks operate.
  • The respondents were most concerned about the loss of intellectual property, proprietary documents, and strategic information, and were less concerned about the loss of customer information.
  • IT professionals choose firewalls, network security, and identity and access management as the preferred tools to curtail data loss via P2P networks.
  • 40% – 60% of data leaks originate from vendors, partners, and contractors outside the organization’s firewalls, and many P2P client applications have built-in methods to defeat firewalls and other security tools.

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