New FTC Report Provides Organizations Good Guidance For Protecting PII

Today the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report, “Combating Identity Theft: Implementing a Coordinated Plan.”

It provides some very good and interesting information that organizations could use in their own awareness efforts in demonstrating to personnel what they can do during their work activities to help protect personally identifiable information (PII) that they are handling.
There are also some very good references to situations and incidents that organizations could use for case studies. The information in the footnotes contains a ton of great information.
Section III provides a description of the FTC’s actions for what they are doing to combat identity theft. Organizations can modify many of these to fit their own organization’s privacy protection program.
Organizations should also take heed for what the FTC says organizations should be doing to protect privacy; the best compliance advice comes from documents such as this from the regulatory oversight agencies.

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