Miscellaneous Cybercrime & Privacy Tidbits

For the last day of Global Security Week (GSW) I’m providing a few items that relate to cybercrime that I find interesting…

* Today a CNN report, “Latest Internet Scam: Homes for Rent“; it amazes me that people would actually fall for a house rental ad that requires payment to Nigeria! A large portion of Internet scams are through Nigeria, so that should be a significant red flag not to bite on such an offer.
* Here’s an interesting discussion of the history of cybercrime from cybercrime expert Richard Power, Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Mellon.
* Several folks did activities throughout GSW to raise awareness of cybercrime and how to prevent becoming a victim. For example, one of my MSIA students, Ryan Gibbons, also actively participated in GSW to help raise awareness for his family and friends! Here’s what he told me he did,

“I recently sent a message around to my family with some comments on hoax and chain emails.
In that same vein, I was going to address Phishing by sending around a summary and a link to an excellent article on the topic at:
It was written for an Australian audience, but lists some great defensive techniques.”

* One of the most, and probably *THE* most, prominant cybercrime experts in the world is Donn Parker, and his book, “Fighting Computer Crime: A New Framework for Protecting Information” (even though this book is 10 years old the information about cybercriminals and their motivations are still applicable today) and all his other books and writings, about his over 4 decades of experience in tracking and talking with cybercriminals are fascinating and enlightening reads.
* Primarily targeted toward IT and developers, here’s an interesting presentation from Sapior on using pseudonymisation to reduce the risk of identity theft.
* I am often told by folks who don’t know me well that I seem pretty serious all the time. Well, I really do have a sense of humor; ask my young sons! 🙂 Here are some privacy images that show taking privacy to the extremes that I found VERY funny…and made me literally laugh out loud! Thanks to Aaron Earle from AE&E Corporation for sending to me.
Peace be with you all!

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