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As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m in the final lap of finishing the 2nd edition of my book, “Managing an Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program.” Woo hoo!
Over the weekend I updated “Appendix N – Designated Security and Privacy-Related Days.” Here are the days, weeks and months I’ve found are devoted to raising awareness about various info sec and privacy issues (this is in a much nicer-looking table format in my book)…

  1. January 28: International Data Privacy Day to raise awareness and generate discussion about data privacy practices and rights, Data Privacy Day activities in the United States have included privacy professionals, corporations, government officials, and representatives, academics, and students across the country.
  2. February 10:Safer Internet Day Internet Day is organized by INSAFE each year in February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.
  3. February 19: Web Awareness Day; Media Awareness Network Awareness Network produces Web Awareness Day with sponsorship from Bell Canada
  4. March 7-13:Global Business Continuity Awareness Week: Global Business Continuity Awareness Week is an international initiative to promote the awareness of and need for Business Continuity in the business community and beyond.
  5. April 12-18:Health Information Privacy and Security Week information is vital to the delivery of care, and so is keeping it secure. Health information management and technology professionals work diligently throughout the year to ensure valuable information is only available to those who need it and no one else. It’s a cause we celebrate and reconfirm each year during Health Information Privacy and Security Week.
  6. April 26:Personal Information Privacy Day ARMA International and the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)
  7. Last week in April:Information Security Awareness Week initiative that has been organized by the Information Security Awareness Forum. The forum is formed of industry bodies who have a common interest and desire to increase security awareness.
  8. April 30:Disaster Recovery Day A vendor-sponsored event.
  9. May 8:World Information Security Day for better future of secured information.
  10. First week in May:Privacy Awareness Week Awareness Week is an annual promotion by the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) group.
  11. May 30:Security and Privacy Day Security and Privacy Day is a biannual workshop sponsored by the greater New York City area computer security research community for bringing area researchers together, fostering multi-institutional collaborations, and discussing and exchanging our ideas and experiences with security and privacy research.
  12. Various times in June:National E-security Awareness Week annual National E-security Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of e-security among Australians.
  13. First Thursday of August:Information Security Day Security Day was started to spread the awareness of information security issues. Information Security, also known as Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) deals with the different aspects of information and its protection. Information Security Day aims at reducing the risk associated with the information systems by increasing the awareness of user community. The INFOSec Day aims at increasing the awareness in the following areas: >> Understanding the various information system components>> Security Management Principles>> Risk Assessment, Sensitivity and Criticality>> Disaster Recover and Emergency Procedures>> Logical Security>> Physical Security>> Managerial Security Measures
  14. August 25 – 29: NSW Privacy Awareness Week: Australia Privacy NSWOffice of the NSW Privacy CommissionerSydney South NSW 1235
  15. First full week in September:Global Security Week Security Week is an opportunity to join forces with other security professionals worldwide to raise awareness of security issues and techniques
  16. September 10: U.S. National Security Awareness Day – Physical, Information and Personal Security http://www.Securityawarenessday.orgThe concept of NSAD differs in that it tries to establish a culture of security without focusing solely on computers. It also seeks the validation of a government proclamation so that less effort can go into attracting attention to the event each year leaving more energy devoted to supporting it.
  17. September 25:Privacy Awareness Day; Tomah, WI VA., WI Veteran’s Administration
  18. Last week in September or first week in October:Cyber-Security Awareness Week at University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA “We want to increase the cyber security awareness of all university faculty, staff and students in a fun way. Instead of always reading about the scary incidents occurring through-out the world or sitting through more on-line training, we hope the events we have scheduled will allow people to come together and learn from the volunteers who are generously sharing their expertise at these events, have fun, meet people, get a free bite to eat and maybe even win a door prize.”NOTE: I thought it was worth pointing out the some organizations choose different days each year on which to hold their security and/or privacy awareness days, weeks or months.
  19. October:U.S. National Cyber Security Awareness Month goal of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is to increase awareness about Cyber Security issues and engage in users in implementing additional security measures to protect their computers.
  20. October:Information Security Awareness Month A&M University activities to increase awareness of information security.NOTE: I thought it was worth pointing out the some organizations choose different days each year on which to hold their security and/or privacy awareness days.
  21. First week in November:Security Awareness Week Information Security Office sponsors a series of events marking Security Awareness Week. NOTE: I thought it was worth pointing out the some organizations choose different days each year on which to hold their security and/or privacy awareness days.
  22. November 18: Cybersecurity Awareness Day; Los Alamos National Laboratory
  23. November 30: International Computer Security Day by the Association for Computer Security Day. Computer Security Day is an annual event, started in 1988, that is observed worldwide to help raise awareness of computer related security issues.
  24. December 2: Information Security Awareness Day; University of Arizona: Security Awareness Day is designed to promote information security and privacy among all members of the University of Arizona students, staff and faculty.
  25. Various times throughout the yearShred Day’s goal is to promote the protection of confidential data through the proper use of document shredding and the shredding of other types of data media.

Did I leave any out? Please let me know if there are others I should add to this list.

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