Identity Theft: More Info On Fallout From The TJX Breach

The Akron Beacon Journal reported February 5 more impacts of the massive TJX breach that occurred late in 2006 that may have impacted over 40 million individuals according to the Wall Street Journal.

Just a few excerpts from the Ohio paper’s article highlights the need for organizations to have strong information security in place, as well as effective privacy breach response.

“Kimberly Summers…First, she noticed a $150 charge on her MasterCard from an unfamiliar company.”
“Then, a couple of days later, she got a letter from the State Employees Credit Union. Her debit card had been breached.”
“We have to monitor our credit bills monthly, check our credit reports and report suspicious charges immediately. Is it too much to ask those in charge of our data to do their part?”

Privacy breaches = Lost trust. Lost trust = Lost Customers. Lost Customers = Business Failure.

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