HITECH Act Virtual ToC

This was another very busy week, and I didn’t have a chance to post as much as I would have liked. Part of what kept me busy was an unusually increased amount of email…

I was struck by the numbers of messages I received…not only from lawyers, IT folks, information security and privacy folks…but also from nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers asking about the HITECH Act and how that will impact them. Thanks to those of you sending me questions! I hope you found my responses useful, I put a lot of time into them.
I’ve already posted about the topics many people asked me questions about, so I want to provide links to some blog posts I’ve done on the HITECH Act that you may find useful. Think of this as a kind of HITECH info directory…or better yet, table of contents (ToC)! 🙂
I will continue to add to it over time. I’m providing the full URLs because I had some folks tell me their browser did not support hyperlinks. (I don’t know what or why; just sayin’ what they said)…

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