Hidden Privacy & Security Risks of Web 2.0

There’s been a lot in the news lately about “Web 2.0” security and privacy problems. A lot of folks, though, don’t know what that term really means. Do your personnel know what it means? Probably not. This is certainly understandable since Web 2.0 really is a reference to many different things. The common link is that Web 2.0 represents what is considered to be the “second generation” of Internet activities and tools…

Your personnel are using Web 2.0 sites while they are at work whether you know it or not. Be sure to provide them with training and give them ongoing awareness communications to make sure they don’t leak out your business, customer and employee information while the are tweeting, blogging, on Facebook, using Sharepoint, or using any numbers of other types of Web 2.0 sites.
The topic for my Q3 issue of Protecting Information Journal is “Hidden Privacy & Security Risks of Web 2.0
I write this quarterly personnel journal to relate directly to your personnel in ways with which they can relate.
Listen to my Q3 Protecting Information feature article podcast (8:54 min), “Hidden Privacy & Security Risks of Web 2.0” by clicking here.

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