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One of my areas of expertise, and a great passion of mine, is information security, privacy and compliance training and awareness activities. No organization will have a successful information security or privacy program without having effective training and ongoing awareness communications. Humans are the most vulnerable, as well as most valuable, component of an information security program. You MUST communicate to your personnel what they need to do to effectively safeguard information…such knowledge is not innate!
One of the most measurably and visibly effective training events I have ever done over the past couple of decades is having employee teams or departments throughout the organization compete with each other to identify the most information security and privacy risks…

I blogged about this here.
I’m happy to announce that I have created a great new training event package to use for information security and privacy training events just like this! You can see the details at my website, here.
I can provide posters only, poster and the answer key, or the full training event planning package, which will save you and your staff a HUGE number of hours of time and research; the first time I put this together it took me a few months of planning and hundreds of hours of trial and error of creating the memos, timelines/project plan (big time saver here), evaluation and metrics tools, and other tips and advice.
This training event goes beyond the basic stare-at-your-computer-screen training and actively engages personnel in having meaningful discussions about their own security practices, often resulting in actually changing and improving the practices and procedures within the departments throughout the enterprise.
Hey, if you want something cool to give to an information security or privacy practitioner, or one of your IT buddies, the poster is a good idea… {not so subtle hint 🙂 }
I also recently created some “Privacy Professor” items for my family members. When I told one of my colleagues about them, he said, “Wow! Those would make great prizes for our awareness events!”
So, if you are looking for some fun prizes for any of your training sessions, awareness events, or even for gifts to keep the importance of information security and privacy visibly in front of your personnel, check out my “Privacy Professor Fun Stuff Shop.”
And, I have other products and tools you may want to consider throughout my site.
Let me know what you think!

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