Don’t Let School Break Be A Privacy Break-In!

A couple of days ago I published my monthly Privacy Professor Tips message, “Summer Break-in.”  I provide these tips free to anyone who wants to sign up for it on my web site and fills out one of the boxes that says, “Sign Up For Free Monthly Privacy Awareness Tips”. 

I believe the more aware folks are about information security and privacy threats and incidents, the better they will be able to not only protect their information in their own homes and for their own families, but they will also better understand why it is important to follow their employers’ information security and privacy policies, will work with information security and privacy at the forefront of their minds, and will then help to better protect the information they work with and will ultimately help to prevent privacy breaches.  I have seen this happen numerous times; increased awareness within workers results in fewer information security incidents and privacy breaches.  It is important for all business leaders to understand as they plan for their organization’s information security and privacy awareness and training resources.

This free monthly message can be incorporated into any organization’s awareness and training program, and it also supports numerous regulatory and other legal requirements to provide such ongoing awarenss communications.

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