Are You Taking The Panda Security Challenge?

I was very intrigued to get an email yesterday from a security software vendor announcing a contest daring information security practitioners to find a malware-free network and they’ll give you $10,000.
Here’s the text of the message:

“I‚Äôm writing to give you the heads up on a new contest that Panda Security is sponsoring: find a malware-free network using Panda’s Collective Intelligence technology and they‚Äôll shell out $10,000 to the winner or winner’s charity of choice. As you may or may not know, over 4,000 new strains of malware are wreaking havoc on computer networks around the world on a daily basis which is a staggering figure. The alarming reality is that even the most sophisticated anti-virus (AV) tools are unable to protect vulnerable systems from the disaster and financial ruin that these almost impossible-to-detect malware strains can bring.
Beginning today, February 26, and running through May 18, Panda Security is throwing down the gauntlet. In an effort to make companies more aware of the presence and damaging effects of malware, they are openly inviting any organization with networks of at least 150 computers to ‚ÄúTake the Panda Challenge‚Äù and test their systems using Malware Radar, Panda’s on-demand audit service for targeted malware infections.
This is a pretty bold move; if just 10 companies buck the system, Panda owes $100,000. Despite the potential financial consequences, Panda is willing to put its money where its mouth is ‚Äì more info is available at and from Ryan Sherstobitoff, Panda Security’s Chief Corporate Evangelist.”

I would think that most military organizations would be able to win this…
And, let’s see…perhaps some of the research organizations?
I wonder if someone from their competing security software vendors could participate…
Any of you taking this challenge? If so, I’d love to hear how it goes!

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