A Lesson In IT Backup Media Management From Francis Ford Coppola

As I was reading this week’s issue of Time magazine I found a backup lesson given by Francis Ford Coppola!

“In September thieves broke into Coppola’s home studio in Buenos Aires. “Five guys tied up the people, stabbed the photographer in the shoulder when he resisted and stole our electronics,” including Coppola’s computer with the Tetro script on it and his backup drives. “The script was finished. It made Hamlet look like garbage, but it’s gone,” he says, deadpan.”

Surely he has an IT security person on staff, or at least an IT person with knowledge about security, who knew better than to keep backups stored in the same location as his computers!
Considering the huge amount of time it takes to write, rewrite and edit scripts, they should know the pyschological frustration and madness and large financial impact of losing backups. Think about all the time he lost…about all the uniquely, cleverly, and eloquently phrased writing that may have been lost forever because he kept his backups with his computer in the same location!
Lesson learned the hard way: Keep backup media stored in a different geographic location from your computers.
Mr. Coppola, put a knoweldgeable and effective information security person on your staff!

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