Txt Phishing (Vishing) In Iowa: MetaBank NOT Calling!

Boy, all throughout the day I heard on the radio, and it was all over the noon and evening news, that Iowa customers of MetaBank were receiving text messages on their phones to call MetaBank about unusual activity in their account…

Nationwide Text Message Scam Hits Iowa
A classic (can something be a classic after only a few months?) vishing attack!
Iowa Attorney General Bob Brammer issued a statement saying it’s a scam, “that’s going to look kind of alarming but don’t fall for it. They’re just trying to get your personal information. They want you to dial the number.”
A good reminder to consumers…no legitimate business should ever ask you to call a number and then ask you for your credit card number via a recording.
A good thing for you to make sure your organization does NOT try to do…asking your customers for their PII via a text message is a privacy no-no.

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