$54 Million Lawsuit Against Best Buy For Losing Laptop

I knew the civil suits for lost laptops would start soon. Thanks so much to my buddy Alec for pointing out this story to me!
Raelyn Campbell took a laptop computer to Best Buy to get fixed, and three months later, after giving Campbell the run-around, Best Buy admitted to her that they lost the computer.

Raelyn Campbell has slapped Best Buy with a $54 million law suit.
Campbell got the run-around.
Campbell got mad.
Now Campbell may teach Best Buy an important lesson…about the importance of good customer service and effective security.
Folks, let your business leaders know that security is important to your customers. If laws don’t give you or your leaders motivation to secure your personally identifiable information (PII), then perhaps multi-million lawsuits will.
Will Campbell be awarded $54 million? Probably not, but depending upon the court and judge, it is possible.
Consider the PR nightmare to the company for having to deal with a situation like this. The damage control alone will cost a lot.
I foresee many more lawsuits similar to this will start popping up as security incidents and privacy breaches continue. If regulatory oversight agencies do not enforce laws and apply fines and penalties, the public will take matters into their own hands and the consequences to organizations could be much more painful.

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