The Perils of P2P

On March 22 there were many reports about the Winny "virus" in Japan.   The Antinny worm infects Winny, a P2P file sharing program.  Winny is apparently widely used in Japan.

"Top-secret military information, business documents of hundreds of corporate firms , personal and confidential data related to thousands of patients, complete information of Yahoo shopping mall, high profile information of Liberal Democratic Party and thousands more are all floating currently on the internet, creating an enormous flood of information leakage in Japan. "

The Japanese Miliatary were ordered to uninstall Winny to address the vulnerability. 

"The Self Defense Force of Japan estimates that information drainage has been on, for a staggering two full years!"

An earlier Winny incident was reported March 15; PINs used to enter restricted Japan airports were posted on the Internet using the Winny file-sharing software from an All Nippon Airways airline pilot’s personal computer, on which, for some reason, he had loaded all the PINs.

"In a similar case, PINs stored on a private computer belonging to a pilot of Japan Airlines who had used Winny were inadvertently put on the Internet in December."

How are organizations controlling the P2P software?  Are they even?

Also, why are there continuing to be so many reports of such large volumes of highly confidential information being stored on laptops and other mobile computing devices? 

And not having PINs encrypted both at rest (storage) and in motion (while being transmitted) is simply a bad business decision.

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