The Business Need for Information Security and Privacy Education

Your organization’s personnel hold the security and privacy of the organization’s information in their hands; both figuratively and literally. Businesses depend upon their personnel to handle their valuable data responsibly and securely. Without effective personnel education, businesses face significant negative business impact and even possible business failure from the consequences.

A majority of the incidents in the news have been ultimately due to personnel lack of awareness and knowledge of how to properly secure information in all forms and in the many circumstances in which they handle information.  You cannot expect personnel to know how to effectively protect information if you do not communicate to them on an ongoing basis HOW to provide that protection while doing their day-to-day job responsibilities. 

There are many compelling reasons for businesses to implement an effective information security and privacy education program, including addressing legal and regulatory requirements, raising awareness and understanding, and helping to reduce the insider threat of information misuse and fraud.  I just posted a paper,"The Business Need for Information Security and Privacy Education" that discusses the reasons why businesses must implement an effective privacy and information security education program.

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