Request for Your Participation – SHORT Survey #2: Workstation Timeouts and Lost SSO Badges

I’ve posted the 2nd in a series of SHORT and ANONYMOUS surveys to determine important HIPAA/HITECH compliance activities at hospitals and clinics. However, for this topic it would be good to have all types of organizations/industries participating…

This survey is to determine what organizations are setting for their workstation locking and log-off values, in addition to learning the values being used for single signon card time-out settings.

This survey will only take around 5 minutes to complete. It has only 7 questions and a comments area. Please take a few minutes of your time to answer the survey. I will provide a summary of the results after the survey is closed.

I will leave this survey open for participation until Tuesday, September 13.

NOTE: I will post a summary for my first survey (about auditing patient records) tomorrow (Saturday)!

Thank you!

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