Privacy in the 21st Century: Show Your Creativity for Global Security Week!

Global Security Week (GSW) is September 3rd through 9th.
The topic this year is “Privacy in the 21st Century.”

This would be a great time to do an awareness activity about privacy within your organization. There are many legal requirements to do security and security awareness events, so not only is this a good idea, it would also help support compliance with your legal requirements to do so.
It is also a great opportunity for you to put on your creativity cap and create the logo for this year’s event!
I know many of you have some great talent you can exercise to create an image to capture the essence of privacy. Let’s see it!
You have until July 27th (a week from tomorrow) to submit a logo. If your logo is chosen to represent GSW 2007 you’ll get a $100 gift certificate to
I am honored to be part of the GSW oversight group, and as such I am also happy to be one of the judges for the logo competition. I’m looking forward to seeing all the submissions!

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