Privacy in the 21st Century is Captured Well in This Year’s GSW Logo Competition Winner

Global Security Week (GSW) is September 3 – 7 this year, and the topic is Privacy in the 21st Century.
All the GSW logo entries were nice, but I think the winner of the GSW logo competition, Emily Hoelscher, captures the essence of privacy quite well. I really like how Emily incorporated both physical and data issues into her design.

Something very cool to me, too, is that Emily is from right here in my own Iowa back yard! I’ll look forward to meeting her someday, perhaps at a local Iowa Infragard meeting…it’s been too long since I’ve been able to attend an Infragard meeting.
Have you started planning any awareness activities around GSW 2007 for your organization? Hey, it’s only a month away!
This is a great opportunity to provide awareness messages and activities, as well as training classes, within your organization to raise the awareness of issues that impact not only your own organization, but your workers personnally. You could also take advantage of this week to provide awareness and training to your customers, business partners, outsourced vendors, and anyone else who touches the information for which your organization is responsible.
Check out the Global Security Week FAQ for more information, as well as some great links to other information security and privacy sites and information.

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