My Information Security and Privacy Convergence Webcast Now Available

Yesterday the ISSA posted on their website a free webcast I did, “Information Security and Privacy Convergence
Here is the synopsis…

The worlds of compliance, risk management, information security and privacy seem to be coming closer together. In fact, conversation about the convergence of Information Security and Privacy, in particular, has dominated Web sites, trade shows, conferences and journal articles over the last year. Does this convergence truly exist, and, if so, what kind of overlap have we already seen in the workplace? If convergence is happening, is collaboration between the two areas really necessary, or is it simply a trend unto itself? And just as importantly, what are the implications for information security and privacy professionals during and after the convergence?
The role of governance is influencing the convergence discussion since, similar to other risk management discussions, governance has moved from the back to the front burner. Managers at top and middle levels frequently recognize that collaboration between the two areas is required to improve business process and organizational efficiency as well as reduce business risk. Yet the collaboration tools and techniques are often not in place to allow organizations to most effectively enable the cooperation they desire.
This Webcast will highlight the latest trends in information security and privacy and talk about the general area of convergence as well as the role that legislation plays in the convergence discussion. Specific examples where the areas come together in legislation will be discussed and recent cases highlighted.
Learn how information security and privacy collaboration can improve your business and the types of overlap that should be considered
Robert Solandre, VP of Information Security and Privacy at SAI Global discusses these issues with me during the webcast.
This webcast provides a good overview of the types of topics covered in my two-day class, “Information Security and Privacy Collaboration” which we will next be giving next week at the CSI SX conference where it is slightly re-titled it to, “Executive Summit: Security and Privacy Collaboration.”
It is my understanding that this webcast will be posted and available for download, by anyone, not just ISSA members, for a year.
If you listen to it, please let me know what you think!

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