Information Security and Privacy Areas MUST Collaborate For Their Initiatives To Be Effective

For the past several years I have written often, and given much training, to demonstrate and emphasize the need for information security and privacy areas to collaborate in their efforts. There are just too many topic overlaps between the two areas to NOT work together cooperatively.
Effectively addressing and coordinating Privacy and Information Security initiatives has moved to the top of the list for companies maintaining customer and employee information. However, there are often gaps in communication and collaboration between Privacy and Information Security activities.

These gaps create more complexity and bigger challenges for companies to handle, as well as putting the organization at greater risk for incidents, along with contractual and regulatory noncompliance. Successful Privacy and Information Security programs collaborate together to ensure effective controls are integrated throughout the enterprise.
Chris Grillo and I will soon, once more, give our popular workshop, “Executive Summit: Security and Privacy Collaboration” at the CSI SX conference in Las Vegas on April 30 & May 1.
Within this two-day workshop we address key focus areas for effective collaboration between Privacy and Information Security groups. Within the workshop we will provide knowledge and tools, supported by case studies, that can be used immediately to help business leaders, from all areas of the organization, successfully meet these complex and difficult challenges.
When you register enter the priority code RHCGT41 to get a $100 discount off the workshop cost.
I hope to see you there! 🙂

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