How To Answer Four Questions Executives Have About Data Leakage

Last week I had the opportunity to discuss what executives need to know about preventing data leakage with Richard Swart at for a podcast that was posted earlier this week.

The discussion was focused upon financial executives, but the issues apply to all types of organizations.
1. What are the personal risks that executives of financial institutions face if they fail to implement effective security or comply with IT security regulations?
2. How do you build or rejuvenate an information protectino and risk management program to make it effective?
3. What are the most common ways that data leaks from organizations?
4. How can an organization build a successful enterprise information protection program and get personnel buy-in?
Yes, these are some important questions that business leaders want answers to…or should…and could take several hours each to cover. However, I tried to boil the issues down into key points to take away in this 17-minute discussion.
If you listen to this podcast (free, but you have to register at the bankinfosecurity site) please let me know what you think. Agree? Disagree? More to add?

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