How Encryption Supports Compliance

If you’ve read some of my previous posts or articles you know that I am a proponent of using encryption to protect confidential information.  Today I posted a podcast discussing how encryption supports compliance as well as effectively protects personal information. 

Encryption is an under-utilized security tool.  Considering the infinite number of today’s risks, threats and vulnerabilities, encryption can effectively keep unauthorized individuals and systems from accessing sensitive information and thwart many types of attacks.  In today’s business environment with sensitive information being stored in multiple locations, many of them mobile, encrypting information is an effective privacy safeguard organizations can add to their arsenal of safeguard tools.  I also discuss incidents that occurred and how the laws, regulations, and regulatory bodies encourage the use of encryption.

If you listen, please give me feedback on the content!  (Hey, I only know how to use my Audacity to record…I haven’t explored how to edit my podcasts…yet…so no, there are no fancy sound effects…just me talking!)  Also, if you have any thoughts about the issues I discuss, please let me know.

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