Have You Started Planning For Global Security Week?

Global Security Week is September 4 – 10 this year.  Have you started planning any awareness activities around it for your organization?

In case you haven’t heard of it, Global Security week…

"…is an opportunity to join forces with other security professionals worldwide and promote security to the masses.  The theme for Global Security Week 2006 is identity theft. Find out about the truth behind the headlines. Is ‚Äúphishing‚Äù a genuine threat? What are the banks doing about it? What can ordinary members of the public do about it? Participate in Global Security Week to help spread the word about identity theft and encourage ordinary law-abiding citizens to be on their guard."

This is a great opportunity to provide awareness messages and activities, as well as training classes, within your organization to raise the awareness of issues that impact not only your own organization, but your workers personnally.  You could also take advantage of this week to provide awareness and training to your customers, business partners, outsourced vendors, and anyone else who touches the information for which your organization is responsible.

The site has created a planning calendar to get you started.

Check out the Global Security Week FAQ for more information, as well as some great links to other information security and privacy sites and information.

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