Free Security Awareness Posters from the U.S. Government

Earlier this week the FBI and Department of Homeland Security in partnership made available free posters, "PROTECT YOUR WORKPLACE: What You Need To Know"

The press release about this:

"What if we told you there’s a way you can improve security at your workplace‚Ķtoday? That it’s fast, easy, and completely free? And that it will not only enhance your personal safety on the job‚Ķbut also help ensure the financial health of your organization?

It’s all true‚Äîthanks to a new ‚ÄúProtect Your Workplace‚Äù campaign launched by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

Specifically, we’ve teamed up to produce a series of posters with practical suggestions for protecting your workplaces from both physical and cyber threats—everything from robberies and break-ins…to computer intrusions and corporate espionage…to identity theft and intellectual property violations…to even potential terrorist attacks.

By hanging these posters in common, highly-trafficked areas, you can raise security awareness and help prevent and reduce crime and terrorism in and around your place of work‚Äîwhether it’s a business, a non-profit, or a government agency.

The four posters, which are being distributed electronically to workplaces across the nation, cover the following topics:

  • Protect Your Workplace: Physical Security Guidelines, including monitoring who enters your workplace, reporting broken windows and locks, making back-ups of sensitive and critical information, and reporting suspicious activity and packages.
  • Protect Your Workplace: Cyber Security Guidelines for both employees and managers/IT Departments, such as managing passwords, establishing clear policies and procedures, implementing a layered defense strategy, and monitoring and logging successful or failed intrusions into your networks.
  • Report Suspicious Cyber Incidents, including suspicious e-mails and questions, system failures, and unauthorized access or use.
  • Report Suspicious Behavior and Activity, such as surveillance, suspicious persons, dry runs, tests of security, and improper attempts to get supplies.

We’ve also created a brochure that combines all the information on the four posters into a tri-fold that can be kept at your desk and shared with colleagues, family, and friends.

So how can you get the posters and brochure? It’s easy! Just click on the graphics above to download each of the posters. You can also download the brochure and all of the materials as a series at

So take our advice‚Äîplease. Security is everyone’s responsibility. Do your part to prevent crime and terrorism and to protect your organizations by putting up these posters at work today‚Ķand telling your friends and associates to do the same."

You don’t have to provide any information to download the PDFs, so if you are not comfortable providing your contact information to obtain the printed posters and you have the tools to print off the PDFs, download them! 

Many organizations are strapped for awareness and training budget dollars.  If your budget is strained, you might as well take advantage of the awareness materials the U.S. tax dollars pay for.

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