Finding a Five Leaf Clover!

Something very cool…my son Noah found a five-leaf clover today while waiting to be picked up at school. We are going to laminate it, then I’ll take a photo and post it on my site.

What are the odds!? I spent a brief time researching, but found no good answers. The odds of finding a 4-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000, though; I would imagine the odds of finding a 5-leaf clover are exponentially higher.
It’s kinda like most business leaders and a large portion of information security practitioners and their views on being targeted by a hacker. Many don’t think anyone would ever target their business networks or information in a malicious was because there are too many others out there to attack.
Just yesterday I was speaking with a CISO who said, “We’re a comparatively small company [actually his company has a few thousand employees world-wide], and we aren’t in any of the industries that hackers target, like financial, healthcare or government agencies. We just don’t have the visibility to be that concerned with being the subject of a targeted computer attack. We focus more on compliance activities than risk assessment.”
What industry is he in? Chemicals.
Hmm…quite a prize for some types of malfeasants!
Don’t be the five leaf clover that someone malicious is looking for. Be prepared and address your information and network risks so your company doesn’t get plucked and laminated.
Hey, I had to tie in the 5-leaf clover! 🙂
Information and network protection should ultimately be based upon the risks to your organization. Not only is this a smart thing to do, most data protection laws and regulations clearly require this.

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