Encryption…”Maybe I will, GOSH!!”

I got a kick out of a story posted yesterday in the Phasetwo blog, "IBM using Napoleon Dynamite quote to encrypt data." I love this movie…and to think it has been incorporated into encryption…"sweet"!  🙂 

""Knock it off, Napoleon! Just make yourself a dang quesa-dilluh!". This phrase, from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, is the cipher key IBM are using to publish encrypted XML at this year’s Wimbledon grand slam. But is this a rather glaring lapse in security, or simply an anticipatory nod to curious hackers, many of whom surely rank amongst the fans of this quirky 2004 movie?"

Kinda looks like the IBM folks were experimenting with encryption in this case…it doesn’t sound like any confidential information was being protected with it.  It wasn’t even any critical IP they owned, was it?  I really can’t tell from my limited, okay, basically nonexistant, knowledge of this "font of live data." 

It’s nice to know some companies enjoy using encryption, isn’t it?  Heck yes!

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