Did You Know February 12 is “Safer Internet Day”?

I got a nice message from Brian Honan yesterday letting me know that February 12 is “Safer Internet Day,” or SID for short; (Thanks Brian!)

I really like seeing an occasion that includes and gets youth involved in understanding the security and privacy issues involved with using computers and handling information. In this instance, SID involves youth ages 5 through 19 in different competitions that will raise their awareness of the issues involved in participating in online sites.
I looked at an entry (a PowerPoint presentation) from the U.S. in the 5 – 10 year old category from the Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky. It is a compilation of posters created by some of the 4th and 5th graders there. It is great the school got their students involved!
It is good to see children learning at an early age about security and privacy; having these concepts instilled at an early age will make them even better leaders as they mature and start working in businesses and organizations of all types.
I’m looking forward to seeing the other entries from around the world! Think I’ll look at a few more now…
I wish I had known about this contest earlier; I would have loved for my 8- and 10-year old sons to have participated!
Take some time to look through the entries. It’s too late to enter the contest, but my goodness, what great ideas for awareness communications there are out there!
I need to add this to my growing list of yearly dates recognizing information security and/or privacy…there is now a special day in almost every month.

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