Can Japan, U.S. and/or Europe Replace Internet And Thus Solve Security Woes?

And another very interesting USA Today article, “Japan will research Net replacement.”

“Japan plans to start research on new networking technology that could one day replace the Internet amid its growing quality and security problems, according to the nation’s communications ministry. U.S. and European researchers already have started similar efforts to rebuild the underlying architecture of the Internet.”

There have been various talks of governments wanting to replace the Internet over the years. But what does this really mean? Creating a new type of ARPA/DARPA with government proprietary protocols that only the government agencies can use? Or that only they control but that the rest of the world also uses?
The article reads as though the plan is to completely replace the Internet as it is “reaching its limit.”
Computers certainly have evolved over the years. There will likely be many evolutions of what we now call the Internet.
It will be interesting to see what the various countries come up with. Considering most security issues are not revealed until after technology is created, though, it will be interesting to see how the security challenges are addressed.
It is likely, too, that if the governments are funding this research that there will be some significant privacy concerns within these new networks, considering the already pervasive surveillance and monitoring that is going on.

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