Breach Notice Laws; Definitely A 21st Century Privacy Issue!

Hey, this week is Global Security Week!
The theme this year is “Privacy in the 21st Century.” Have you sent any communications about this topic out to your personnel?

It is always a good time to send communications throughout your organization when specially-designated weeks, or days, such as these come along. And there are more and more of these types of special days and weeks. Use them as awareness raising opportunities.
I recently updated my “State Breach Notification Laws” document.
There are many different listings of the state breach laws out on various sites, but the ones I find always seem to leave out some of the states. So I’ve been maintaining my own simple listing to make it easier to see the names/numbers of each law for each state along with the corresponding effective dates.
State breach notice laws truly are a unique 21st century privacy issue! There were not any other breach notice laws in the previous century.
In fact, the 39 current laws highlight the raised public awareness of privacy issues and emphasize the need for organizations to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) with which they’ve been entrusted. Your customers expect it.
The breach notice laws are a very good representation of how privacy in the 21st century is a hotter topic now than ever before for businesses to address.

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